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The 25 best-looking calligraphic fonts that you can use to improve your design


Original and timeless: calligraphic fonts are perfect to use in your graphic projects, especially if there’s a need for a sophisticated typography.
Online one can immediately find hundreds of different fonts, some free and some not. In this article we’ve selected the best 25 handwritten fonts that you can use to add a touch of class to your various projects. 


Classic and elegant, these fonts are ideal for websites and graphic projects which require a typography that is somewhat more “austere” and refined.

1. Airfoil


2. Dalì


3. Jane Austen

janeauste4. Jellyka

jellyka5. Lainie


6. Miama


7. Monika


8. Scriptina

scriptina9. Windsongs



These fonts are more jaunty compared to other calligraphic fonts, and they are helpful in enriching the aesthetic aspects of any of your graphic projects. Obviously, being that these fonts are less “serious” than others, it is best to avoid using them in projects that require a more distinguished and professional look. As for the rest, you can be a true daredevil using these fonts!

10. Christopher hand


11. Faboulous

faboulous12. Glider girls

glidergirls13. Greg’s other hands

gregsotherhand14. Imitation

imitation15. Ink Burrow

inkburrow116. Joe Hand


17. Luna bar

lunabar118. Ma Sexy

masexy19. Pirmokas

pirmokas20. Rai elegant


21. Tom’s handwritten

tomshandwrittenTwo other fonts that you can find useful are the very elegant Zapfino and the original freehand 591 bt:unfortunately both of these fonts are not free. However, browsing online we have been able to find a free version of the Zapfino font and one that is the alter ego of the Freehand font. You must try them out, believe me!

22. Zapfino

zapfino23. Saginaw


Finally, here are two very nice fonts, that we have included here even though they cannot be used until one purchases the respective licences. Who knows, maybe they are worth spending 15/20 dollars to acquire them, don’t you think so?

24. Corinthia

corinthia25. Calligraphique