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Daily Thoughts

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15 Best Logo Design Tutorials


Branding is very essential for any organization to survive in today’s industry and when we consider it, first thing comes in our mind is the logo. I would say company’s credibility highly depends upon the logo. A logo helps in creating visibility by contributing to your business’s likelihood so that it will help in growing and achieving success.

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How to create a joomla template?


In this article we will lay the groundwork for understanding the necessary techniques for making a joomla template, the famous CMS. Have you already tried but you gave up quick? You understood nothing while browsing the folders? Do you think it’s difficult?


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Typography and minimalism: let’s design a simple and nice layout



One of the most common perplexities that I’ve heard saying regarding the typographic style is: yes, it’s fine, cute, creative… but it’s not a style suitable for a company site, corporate, no indeed.

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Sketch and doodles for an original and creative (web)design



There are those who keep calling them “scribbles” failing to recognize that often, behind some doodles and designs seemingly meaningless, lies a downright art. That’s what practically the “doodles” are: designs strictly made by hand. Elaborate complex figures, small caricatures, exclamation marks, darts, calligraphic fonts in “charcoal” style: the sort of images which are born, almost by chance, when you are inattentively playing with a pencil.

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Portfolio? No,VCard: when doing things “small” is better


 Those who saw the film “American Psycho”  surely remember the part full of pathos where Patrick Bateman and other daddy’s boys  show off their business card just to boast in an elegant way-    maniacally,  if you permit- their social status: headed letters, monograms, glossy paper, cream colored … an endless series of classy details to be evaluated  for and for which to be feel  above the others.

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