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4 Reasons to Create a Newsletter When You’re Not Selling Anything

Newsletters and mailing lists are still considered two of the most effective digital marketing instruments today. While a mailing list isn’t a new instrument to use when it comes to promoting products, services, and websites online, the instrument itself has improved rapidly these last couple of years. Advanced targeting, better newsletter content, and better tracking are among the features you can expect from a modern newsletter platform.

Even when you’re not trying to sell products and services through your site, having a newsletter can still be very rewarding. Whether you run a personal blog, a news site, or a business site, here are four reasons why you need to create a newsletter for your site.

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Using Social Media To Market Your Business’ Website

Social media apps are powerful marketing tools. Everyday people, who are also the consumers, spend time on a variety of social media apps. Different people will spend time on different apps, but a business can utilise all of them to market themselves to consumers. Moreover, every strong business has a website to back it up. The website is a powerhouse for integrated e-commerce, applying for jobs, reading about the business’ goals and other related components. However, with the availability of social media, a website is not enough. A business’ website must be marketed on social media platforms. The three social media apps that will be focused upon here will be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Nowadays, Facebook is used for more than just talking to friends and family. A business can better market themselves using the Facebook app and linking to it on their website. Facebook can bring traffic to a business’ website when utilised properly. Plus, businesses are able to reach out to consumers on Facebook and target them with ads. This, in turn, builds up the business brand and helps foster a relationship between consumers and the business.

In order to send consumers to your company’s e-commerce website, the content on Facebook must look pristine. This means ensuring the posts that go up to fit with the business’ branding and are impressive. Adobe Spark Post offers a Facebook banner maker to create your own unique banners that effectively demonstrate your brand and boost your Facebook’s image.

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Sundown Adventureland Website

New website design and launch we have done for Sundown Adventureland. All completed in 2 weeks from start to finish :

7 Free Ways To Market Your Website

Now you face the challenge of actually bringing in new, qualified traffic. After all, that's how you will represent more auctions and increase your purchaser base.

Check out these 7 channels they are able to pull in visitors to your website.

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It's Your Lot

Take a look at It's Your Lot click here

It's Your Lot is a new web site we have developed to display buy & sell your own artwork, antiques or curiosities. 

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