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Top Four Gambling Cities to Consider Visiting

Gambling is not for everyone. Some people frown on the act and would never consider wasting their hard-earned money on a game that allows you a 25% chance rate of getting your money back; with many believing it is a rigged game where the House will always come out on top. However, some gamblers love the game and the buzz it brings. They enjoy the adrenaline and the natural high it can provide, and if you are smart and safe, anybody could enjoy the odd bet.

Many cities offer an out of this world experience when it comes to casinos, and it could be worth a visit to some of them – even if you do not gamble, or gamble occasionally. Whereas online gambling can offer ease and the comfort of your own home; alongside bonuses and offers such as colossus acquisition offers, venturing to a city notorious for its casinos and other beautiful sights could provide an unforgettable holiday experience. Why? These cities have a lot to offer; after all, it is not all blackjack and slot machines.

Paris, France

There is no doubt about it, most would not consider Paris a great gambling spot. However, with online gambling still illegal, this means their casinos are well-kept and offer brilliant services. Alongside the blackjack tables, there are sights such as the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, as well as French pastries you cannot experience anywhere else.


Gambling was only legalized a few years ago; therefore, the gambling industry is in its infancy. However, once it was legalized, the industry boomed with the opening of Resorts Word Casino and a Universal theme park. Singapore is an attractive and viable gambling option, while offering a unique holiday in the most technological advanced cities on the planet.

London, England

Many conjure up pots of tea, Big Ben and the Queen when England comes up in conversation. However, London has a lot of casinos to offer the gambler alongside great culture, such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye. London also offers exclusive establishments different to most casinos, like the infamous Ritz. However, make sure to note that these establishments have a strict policy on who inside can gamble. Also, most poker games start with a £10,000 buy in.

Macau, China

Macau was a Portuguese colony until 1999 when it transferred back to China, and because of this, Macau has its own monetary system, immigration policies and legal systems dissimilar to the laws of China. However, this will only last until 2049. There is an extremely high quality of life found in Macau and because more money flows through Macau’s casinos than anywhere else in the world, it is one of the wealthiest reg

ions in the world. It is also speculated that Macau’s revenue growth will increase in 2017.


Las Vegas based gambling companies such as MGM and Wynn Resorts have all set up shop in Macau. Therefore, if you do not want to visit the city of sin, Macau is a perfect alternative.

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