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Daily Thoughts

The 25 best-looking calligraphic fonts that you can use to improve your design


Original and timeless: calligraphic fonts are perfect to use in your graphic projects, especially if there’s a need for a sophisticated typography.
Online one can immediately find hundreds of different fonts, some free and some not. In this article we’ve selected the best 25 handwritten fonts that you can use to add a touch of class to your various projects. 

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How to index a website without being an SEO expert (part 2)


“Content is power.” In reality it’s true, the contents of our webpage, including how it was constructed semantically, makes all the difference.

It seems that Google executes a comparison between the first set of words inserted right after the Tag Body and the textual content of a page which is found inside the Tag Title. If there is a relation between the two, one is certain to obtain a good ranking.

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How to index a website without being an SEO expert (part 1)


In the previous articles we learned how to develop and organize the structure of a websitemaking sure that the client is satisfied with our work. What’s next? Even though we might have come up with a website that is great to look at and very informative –making sure that it includes all of the requests made by the client – it can go unnoticed if nobody knows about its existence, as if it was never created. 

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30 Beautiful Clean and Simple Web Designs for Inspiration


Beautiful typography, strategic use of colors and graphics, and obstruction-free aesthetics devoid of visual clutter are a few of the characteristics shared among web designs that are clean and simple.

In this collection, you’ll discover a few excellent web designs that are clean, simple and elegant.


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6 Tips for effective call to action


Once you have carefully designed, developed and optimized your online presence and you have created an SEO friendly website, your next goal is to use it to generate revenue and increase your sales. To achieve that, you need to develop an effective call to action.

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Essential E-Commerce Website Features: Tips and Examples


There are many different approaches you can take when designing an e-store. However, you might notice that effective e-commerce websites have certain site features that are absolutely critical to the shopper’s experience.

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